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Scapegoat Thor
73.5% Pygmy

DOB: 12/9/2023
Sire: Kidiwink Kidz Baldur (78.25% Pygmy)
Dam: Tyalgum Ridge Zoey (68.75% Pygmy)
At just one year old, Scapegoat Thor has already Sired his first kids.  Although he only had a single girlfriend this year, he loves to chat up any of the girls who are in season and calling to him through the fence.

For a Dam raised Buck, he is just as friendly as any bottle baby and loves nothing more than to have his head scratched.


Pine Creek Maximus
100% Pygmy
DOB: 22/6/2023
Sire: Trinity Good Company (100% Pygmy)
Dam: Trinity Shirley Temple (100% Pygmy)

Maximus was purchased from Pine Creek Pygmies as a joint venture and has sired a number of kids so far with a fellow breeder.  Maxi has now been bred with a number of girls at the Scapegoat farm and has been proven as a successful breeder.  The decision to sell Maxi is the result of a different direction of breeding and  to extend on overall genetics of our herds.


Scapegoat Medusa
67.25% Pygmy
DOB: 22/6/2023
Sire: Kidiwink Kidz Baldur (78.25% Pygmy)
Dam: Tyalgum Ridge Molly (56.25% Pygmy)

This little girl was a twin from Tyalgum Ridge Molly.  She carries lines of breeding through Kidiwink Kidz Pygmy goats, Tyalgum Ridge, Pine Creek and Trinity studs.
She is a quiet little girl who is ready to go to her new home whenever you are.

Scapegoat Astrape (Astra)
23.44% Pygmy
DOB: 29/8/2021
Sire: Rivergate Frank Sinatra (46.875% Pygmy)
Dam: Craiglea Sugar N Cinnamon (Gen 3)

Astra was born on the Scapegoat farm after her Dam came to us pregnant. Astra has a longer coat which originates from the Australian Miniature side of her breeding.  The decision was made to reduce a number of our lower % Pygmies so it is time to move her on. 

Astra is currently in kid to Scapegoat Thor.

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