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Our Original group of Pygmies


Scapegoat Minis was formed in 2020 when we first moved to our small 58 acre farm and the subsequent purchase of a little Australian Miniature Goat from Clareth House Miniature Goat Stud we named Petti. The decision to keep just two goats exploded with the love of these quirky little animals, all with their own individual personalities.  Our small herd of two quickly grew into what we are today. Although we started with just two little Australian Miniature goats, we have since moved our focus towards the Pygmy goat breed.


At Scapegoat Minis, our goats are not just livestock or property, they are all a special part of our family.  We strive to breed the best goats for temperament, and pride ourselves on supplying purchasers with more than just pets or livestock, but a new family member.  If you want a goat that is friendly and easy to handle, then we are more than willing to supplying a goat of that quality to you through hours of love, affection and handling provided while our babies are young.  All our babies are handled from the first day they are born through to the day they have been matched with their new family so you can be assured they will be friendly and love to be around you when you get them home.

We are currently working towards breeding the best Pygmy goats for both colour which is favoured in most pet homes, as well as conformation of the Pygmy standards.

We pride ourselves on giving as much information as possible when it comes to our goats, wether that be recommending what we feed them daily, to precise information as to their husbandry or parentage and background.  We can explain the differences between different associations and their Pygmy percentage and DNA requirements.


When selling goats, we love to know where our goats will end up and continue to care about our animals long after they leave us. Expect numerous questions from us, and don't be afraid to ask us any questions prior to, as well as after (if you decide to purchase from us) and let us know how your babies are getting on.

At Scapegoat Minis, we pride ourselves on the health and wellbeing of our herd.  We regularly conduct faecal worm counts and are a stud that prides itself on annual testing for CAE/JD and DNA testing for our entire herd. 


As we work our way towards purebred status with our Pygmy herd, we are also currently working our way to be able to verify our herd back to import through DNA records.  We currently DNA verify all our breeding stock to verify their parentage.  As DNA can be a contentious issue with some breeders and goat associations, we are open with all potential buyers about where some records may not be recognised with certain associations.

In late 2024, we will be completing a number of Artificial Inseminations with some of our girls, further increasing our genetic diversity, improving on already planned breedings, bringing in new genetics, as well as improve the ability to DNA verify our herd back to import at a higher rate. 

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